Standcore's services

Standcore does a variety of project related research and development. Current projects include

DNS Conformance Suite and Test Harness

Standcore is creating a complete conformance test system for all parts of the DNS. The project will:

  • identify all of the RFCs and associated documents that contain DNS conformance requirements

  • separate those requirements out into a test plan

  • create a test system for all parts of the test plan

Because different enterprises and vendors will have different views of what should or should not be tested, the conformance test system will allow easy selection of subsets of requirements to be tested. The entire system will be made available under Creative Commons licenses so that anyone can use it. In addition, the overall test system will be able to serve as the basis for creating conformance tests for other protocols.

Due to its scale, this project is supported by multiple sponsors; Standcore is currently seeking new sponsors for it.

Next Generation Cryptographic E-Mail Security

Standcore is specifying the design of cryptographic mail security using the IETF's recently defined DANE extension to the Domain Name System, to which Standcore's Mr. Hoffman is a major contributor.

This project is privately funded.


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